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tranax technologies

Founded in 1986, Tranax Technologies has a longstanding history of providing reliable, industry-leading technology products to businesses of all sizes. In 1997, Tranax (then known as Cross International Technologies) partnered with Hyosung Computer, a global leader in banking automation technology with over 20 years of experience, to deliver the most advanced, cost-effective Mini-Bank ATM solutions for retail enterprises. Also partnered with a network of top-tier U.S. and Canadian distributors, Tranax has delivered over 20,000 ATMs since April 1998.

Leveraging its alliance with Hyosung Computer, Tranax combines its technology, experience and manufacturing capabilities to provide comprehensive products and services that meet a wide range of ATM requirements. Offerings range from the low-cost Mini-Bank 1500 to the PC-based Mini-Bank 3000 series.

For specifics of Tranax's most popular machine, click on Tranax Mini-Bank 1500.

tranax technologies

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tranax technologies